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The Lima Shawnee Scholarship Fund is driven by a single goal; to help ensure the success of Shawnee High School graduates through the scholarship program. It is an opportunity for all SHS Alumni to acknowledge their Shawnee experience and, at the same time, pay it forward for future Shawnee High School graduates.

Two types of scholarships are awarded - Legacy Scholarships and Named Scholarships. Grants recognize achievement in all areas: Arts & Humanities;  Business/Vocational;  Education; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and by achievement in school activities. Named Scholarships are named after individual donors, their families, or in honor of an individual who was particularly meaningful to the donor. Awards from Named Scholarships are based upon the requirements determined by the donor, subject to review and approval by the Scholarship Committee. Named Scholarships are available with a minimum contribution of, or pledges totaling, $50,000.

The Lima Shawnee Scholarship Fund provides a way for 100 years of Shawnee classmates and generations of their families to join together with fellow Alumni to celebrate their time at SHS and build a legacy of support for future graduates. Contributions may be made to the scholarship fund in any amount and may be made to honor the special people at Shawnee who contributed toward their success, or simply as a way to honor the many generations of family members who have attended Shawnee across the decades. Those special designations are listed in the HONOR ROLL section of this website.

Scholarships were first awarded in the Spring of 2022. Recipients are selected by a volunteer committee composed of representatives from Shawnee Local Schools, the Lima Community Foundation, donors, and select members of the community.

Working in partnership with the Lima Community Foundation (LCF), all contributions to the Lima Shawnee Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible. Established in 1965, the Lima Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. LCF administers and oversees the investment of multiple scholarship funds throughout the Lima community. For additional information on LCF, return to the top of this page, click MORE, then click LCF.

Contributions can be made by check, by credit card or by transferring securities directly to the Lima Community Foundation. For more information on LCF, go to:

For any and all questions regarding the scholarship process, please contact:

Sharon Dwyer, Chair

Scholarship Committee

(540) 239-3967

or email us at:

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